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Short Film


Dir. Sara Bourdeau

Roseline Like in the Movies

2020 | General Info

Roseline is a renowned actress with an impressive career. After a lifetime on camera, she gets ready to play the greatest role of her life. Fiction and reality blur together, surfacing a deeply buried secret—then: lights, camera, action.


Written & Directed by Sara Bourdeau
Produced by Dominique Dussault
With – Louise Portal, David Savard and Florence Blain Mbaye  

Director of Photography – Simon Lamarre-Ledoux
Production Designer – Yola Van Leeuwenkamp
Editor – Odrée Lapointe
Sound – Samuel Gagnon-Thibodeau & Simon Bellemare


Fantasia International Film Festival, 2020
Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois, 2020
Kingston Film Festival, 2020
Women Make Waves, 2020
Ismailia International Film Fest, 2020
Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, 2020
Davis Feminist film fest, 2020
ClujShorts, 2020
Vues dans la tête…, 2020
Capital City Film Festival, 2020

2020   |   Short Fiction   |   FR  |   15min  |   Canada  |   23.98 fps  |   2K  |   1.90:1  |   Stereo & 5.1

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